Site Specific

A Very Slow Walk

A Very Slow Walk is made of two installations: A Child’s Walk in Broughton and A Childlike Walk Along the Thames, which echo the walk of a small child who takes seemingly forever to get from one place to another, not simply due to little legs, but mainly because everything is interesting and requires pausing for close examination. Hanging from quadrats, used for studying a unit space as a representation of a larger area, Ruth Helen Smith displays her findings from re-enactments of these walks.

Divine Dance

‘Divine Dance’ is three ribbons that come through the front door and whip along the corridor and up the stairs, skipping around the lights on the way. They refine each other as they cross one another on their way up, transitioning from browns, to secondary colours and then primary colours before becoming white, a combination of all reflected light.

Celestial Room

Mural by Ruth Helen Smith

Mural by Ruth Helen Smith
Mural by Ruth Helen Smith

The brief for this commission was to transform an indigo room with murals encompassing walls, ceiling and furniture with the designs on the ceiling of Grand Central Station, New York.

Further information and images about the mural, its concept and completion can be found here:

Celestial Room Murals, Ruth Helen Smith

Triptych For William Morris

Triptych for William Morris - Art by Ruth Helen Smith

At the end of my MA course at The Courtauld called ‘Flesh and Fabric: The Victorian and Edwardian Interior’, my professor asked me to paint something to respond to William Morris’ Trellis wallpaper she had around her home. Morris’ design alludes to the inseparability of pleasure and pain: roses, thorns; life, death; predator and prey. I wanted to make something of the dilemma and agency we have in this context.

Chinese Landscape Wall

Chinese Landscape - Art by Ruth Helen Smith

It was a family activity to scroll through a Chinese landscape. The family would stop, admire the view, talk, and move on, traversing the landscape with each shifting of the scroll ends. This landscape was never seen at once in its entirety and was a communal virtual space. The stair space mirrors this immersivity, as family members journey from the foothills up to the summit, or tie their shoes with the man on the bottom step.

Eastern Ceiling

Eastern Ceiling - Art by Ruth Helen Smith
Mural by Ruth Helen Smith

This commission was inspired by the ceiling of a building in Egypt. The design was painted on canvas, then removed from its wooden frame and glued to the ceiling.